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Drilling the Fairing Panel

I have blogged about my fairing damage here but now that I have the new panel, I have to refit the switch for my heated grips. This is the third Sprint ST955 that I’ve fitted with heated grips so thought it was about time that I shared the method…

Firstly, make sure that you are somewhere warm. It was -1ºC in my garage yesterday and there’s nothing quite like cold fingers for screwing up and scratching the nice new (expensive) paintwork!

Here we are in the kitchen…

I have fixed the template (which comes with the kit) to the panel with masking tape. Use lots of this as it is the perfect protection against a wayward drill or rats-tail file!

Small drill and a steady hand…

Remove the template. I hope you made a copy of it because it is strictly a single-use item!

Mask off the cut-out with yet more masking tape and apply rats-tail file (carefully)

Use a small flat file to cut out the shape of the switch.

Clean kitchen.

Polish panel.

Fit to bike.

Job done.

R&G’s are next…