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Grundon Green Bin: Happy Birthday!

Today is the first anniversary of my asking Wokingham Borough Council to remove the green wheelie bin that is obstructing the motorcycle parking bay in Denmark Street Wokingham.

Here it is sitting proudly in place, confident in being able to thwart the combined efforts of the local council and Grundon (“The largest privately owned Waste Management Company in the UK”).

Grundon green bin in motorcycle parking baySeriously considering photoshopping a nice little birthday cake onto the picture…

I’ve bypassed WBC and written directly to Grundon. Let’s see if we have to wait another year!

More on this saga here.

Triumph Tiger 1050 Indicators

If you’ve got an old-ish 1050 Triumph, be it Tiger, Sprint or Speed, take a look at the design of your indicators.  Do they look like this?

old style Triumph indicatorRound, opaque, old fashioned?

Then try these!

new style triumph indicatorSharp, clear, new.

These are the new style indicators fitted to the more recent models and are a direct replacement. They can be bought on eBay quite cheaply as people fit LED indicators to their new bikes and flog these off. I picked up a set of 4 (from a Speed Triple) for £20 – they are £26 each from your friendly dealer.

Fitting couldn’t be more easy:

  • Undo the single (rear) screw that holds the lens on the indicator
  • Remove the lens and pop out the reflector
  • Remove old unit by unclipping the two wires
  • Slide the plastic housing off the flexi-mounting, leaving the wiring intact
  • Slide on the new triangular housing, feeding the wires through
  • Clip wires onto the new reflector (doesn’t matter which way)
  • Fit new lens with single (front) screw

Job done. Sparkly-looking new indicators!

Can we have our bollards back please?

This was Rose Street carpark motorcycle bay on Friday 5th October. I took this shot just in case I returned from my visit to the bank to find the truck gone and my bike in pieces…

Motorcycle Parking Bay Rose Street WokinghamThe truck was parked half on the double (triple?) yellow lines and half in the motorcycle bay (and half blocking the blue Focus). The passenger door was open and it had one of those stupid “Delivering” signs on the dashboard. There was no one about…

I think I’ll send a copy to Wokingham Borough Council and ask them to reinstate the bollards that used to “protect” the motorcycle bay – but which have been demolished by various trucks over the years.

Watch this space (no news on the green wheelie bin in Denmark St yet – I’ll be sending the council a birthday card for that one soon…)