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Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

Finally bagged the demo bike and took it out for a spin.Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer

Seems very big on the forecourt – this bike has the optional high seat and I can still get both feet flat on the ground (better than my Tiger 1050 then!)

A zillion options on the dash, but when I finally work out how to get it to tell me the time it says “09:44” – it was mid afternoon. Good excuse for getting back late then.

The steering is different from my 1050, takes a bit of getting used to but once underway, the kgs vanish. This is a true “any gear, any speed” bike – just open the throttle and watch the horizon (or the car in front) zoom towards you.

Front brakes awesome. Rear brake pathetic (maybe just this bike).

Thoroughly enjoyed myself in rural Berkshire on a glorious May afternoon. What a cracking bike this is!

Not as pretty as my 1050 though…

…and needs a can…
Would I buy one? Maybe in 2 or 3 years (I don’t buy new bikes)

Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer