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Cafés You Should Visit #12: The Departure Lounge (honest!)

Most (?) of you will know of the awesome A339 between Alton and Basingstoke as one of the most exciting pieces of tarmac in the region – at least when its not clogged with traffic and over-policed. But have you ever been to The Departure Lounge Café?

Just north of Alton, before the end of the 40mph limit, on the left, there’s a garden centre. Round the back is The Departure Lounge.

departure lounge cafe altonThis is nowhere near an airfield (as long as you don’t count Lasham) but sports a (big) aeroplane…

It also sports an excellent cafe: loads of space, decent menu, good coffee and a bar licence as well (I spotted 6X and Spitfire beers on the shelf).

departure lounge cafeDeparture Lounge Cafe - not going anywhere in a hurrythey write on the floor too (see AV8)Remember AV8? These guys write on the floor too!

And most importantly…

bikers welcome“Would you take your wife there” rating = YES

Overall 9/10 – Coffee at £2.20 is top whack.

Piss-up in a Brewery #1 – Rebellion, Marlow

It was indeed what the title suggests. Never have I been more gobsmacked!
I was expecting a dozen or so “woolly jumpers” and a lecture on malted barley and hops.
What I got was 300+ people gathered on a chilly November evening to drink beer, talk about beer, drink beer, eat, check out the shop, drink beer…
There was a “tour” which involved piling into the brewing hall for a “talk” by Tim Coombes, one of the founders of the brewery. There was more beer available for those that had forgotten to top up their pints before entering. He talked about the history of beer and the business, about the micro-breweries, the regionals and the multi-nationals, about the rise and fall of keg beer in the 70’s-90’s and the fall and rise of real ale since then. He mentioned the tragic demise of Brakespears and Courage/S&N. He was witty and knowledgeable.

He told me (in the bar afterwards) that they get 700-900 people there on a summer evening!

As a driver, my entry was only £5 for which I got two beer vouchers and a free glass. The vouchers can be swapped for ale or soft drinks.

Normal entry is £10 with five (!) beer vouchers and free glass.

I’ll be back…


Rebellion Brewery Tour, Marlow

Tim Coombes tells a story

Tim Coombes tells a story

Rebellion Brewery Tour

Boozing in the Brewing Hall