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Red Elastic Bands (Updated 20-Feb-2011)

Every day the postman brings me one of these:

Every day I remove the red elastic band and throw it away.

That’s about 300 red elastic bands per year.

Where do they all go?  (answer = landfill)

Even when there’s only one envelope, it’s still normally held together with a red elastic band!

Am I:

  1. A Grumpy Old Man
  2. Worrying unnecessarily?
  3. Wasting my time?

Maybe I’ll save them up and take them back to the Post Office…

Update: 20-Feb-2011

It looks like I am “None of the above”! It took the Telegraph to ask the Royal Mail under the Freedom of Information Act:


Spam comment posts have reached 50 per day (all captured by Aksimet so never came anywhere near the blog) so I have changed the setting so that commenters must register and login before posting. As most of my commenters are already members this probably won’t affect too many.

I’ll give it a few weeks and see how it goes.



24 hours on and no spam comments.  Success!

I’ll switch it back on and see how long it takes them to find me again.

Update 07-Dec-10

Comments switched back on – let’s see what happens…

Update 10-Dec-10

50 spam comments per day 🙁

YouTuba’s Swiss Folk

Here are  Chris and the boys playing in Lucerne. The piece was written/arranged by the band specially for the audience, with many Swiss references.

As YouTube only allows a maximum of 10 minutes, the piece is split into two:

Their website is here: YouTuba

Their YouTube site is here: YouTubaOrg

Their Facebook site is here: YouTuba

What’s In A Name?

I got a bit bored with “Steve’s Blog”. It has served well for the past couple of years but I fancied something a bit different.

“Dionysian Divagation” is an attempt to gain page one status on Google (I’ll let you know…).

[dahy-uh-nish-uhn, -nis-ee-uhn, -nahy-see-]
–adjective Greek
1. of, pertaining to, or honoring Dionysus (root of name Dennis)

– noun late Latin
1. Wanderings or driftings.
2. Ramblings; digressions.

Now all I need is a cute logo…

Who Remembers Comerfords?

When checking the prices of bikes back in the 70’s, Comerfords ad was always the first stop.

In 1970, they had a regular “slot” on the back page of “Motor Cycle” – a weekly newspaper of the time.

Here’s one from the 18th November 1970:

£695 for a CB750! That’ll be the K0 – now worth in the region of £5k – £10k.

Life Helmet Adverts from the 70’s (yes… those girls with the bodypaint…)

Who remembers those iconic full colour ads from the motorcycle press in the 70’s?

I had an A1-sized poster on my wall at Uni that I picked up from one of the bikes shows of the time (probably the Racing & Sporting Show at the Victoria Horticultural Halls – now that’s another “Anyone remember…” thread!). That one had two of the girls on a sidecar outfit, full “kitted out” in Life helmets and bodypaint.

I recently found a pile of old bike papers in the back of a cupboard:

This is from Motorcycle Weekly of 25/3/78 and features a Suzuki GS (by the looks of it), oh…  and some bodypaint.

If anyone out there has any more of these I’d be delighted to put them up here! [I have Google-imaged “Life Helmet Advert Bodypaint] to no avail – there’s some interesting bodypaint out there (just make sure you have safesearch turned off!


Various bike forums have responded to my challenge and have dug up the picture that I remember as the poster on my wall:

The model “Tula”, was famous later in the 80’s as she was “outed” by the tabloids as a transexual…

Plus – found a magazine version (as opposed to the newspaper print above):

Note the different helmet…