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Site Hacked 23-Feb-2010

For those of you who got Error 404s from over the last couple of days, this was cause by a hacker who used the trojan/virus called Gumblar to add links to malicious sites in the scripts.

Luckily, the hosting company ( has automated systems that detect these types of attacks and took the site down while they reinstalled back versions of all the page.

BMW K1300S

Another demo ride.

I couldn’t get out on the S1000RR but managed a good run on the K1300S. It was very cold at Cooper Motorrad in Tunbridge Wells when we picked up the bikes (Jim was on an R1200RT). We headed off for Canterbury across the downs where it snowed heavily, dodging the slush in the road and warily eying the 3″ of snow on the parked cars.

This bike is supposedly BMWs “Sports Tourer” aimed at those riders who want an across-the-frame multi that isn’t fully loaded with fairing and panniers etc (a la K1300GT). The bike offers 175bhp and is hugely reassuring with excellent road-holding and handling. The digital gear indicator is useful – even then I kept fishing for a 7th gear.

The biggest drawback for me (especially yesterday) was the lack of heated grips. After only 15 minutes I was wishing for my nice warm Sprint…

Numb fingers notwithstanding, I put 100 miles on the bike in my allotted 2 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it.  42mpg (according to the computer does not bode well with a tank of a mere 19 litres though. That’s 140 miles to “reserve” – not enough!

The electronic suspension was fun – especially in those conditions. I left it in “Normal” on the way out and tried “Comfort” on the way back. Didn’t bother with “Sport”

The Ultimate Riding Machine?   Maybe.

Would I buy one?  No thanks.

Hondaman “My CB750” Book

Mark Paris (Hondaman) is a stalwart of .net ( and has spent the last 4 years writing his own book on the CB750. It is a “coffee table” book and includes pictures submitted by members of .net over the years. Mark is hugely experienced (almost as much as Bryan Jones…  Wink) and has put that experience and his time into this book – urged on by the members of course!

As with any “print to order” book, it is not cheap. Less than an OEM pipe for your CB, but still not cheap.

After discussing a UK “distribution” to try and reduce shipping costs, Mark has discovered that the company will deliver a “print file” to a local outfit (after commission of course) so that it can be printed locally on local sized (A4) paper.

Please post on here if you are interested.

The cost will be at least £50 (sorry) and may be more like £60  Shocked

As he says, we are working on a DVD version – personally, I like a good old-fashioned glossy book!

Update: You can buy this book direct from the printers in A4 size and have it shipped direct. Go to


Whether you like BMWs or not, every red-blooded biker has been waiting for a chance to try the new uber-sportsbike from BMW.

Vines BMW had open day(s) to show off the new models (including the RR) – I went to Caterham with Jim. He got to sit on it, but no test ride (we didn’t book…)

We are both off to Coopers in Tunbridge Wells this week – maybe better luck there!

Drilling the Fairing Panel

I have blogged about my fairing damage here but now that I have the new panel, I have to refit the switch for my heated grips. This is the third Sprint ST955 that I’ve fitted with heated grips so thought it was about time that I shared the method…

Firstly, make sure that you are somewhere warm. It was -1ºC in my garage yesterday and there’s nothing quite like cold fingers for screwing up and scratching the nice new (expensive) paintwork!

Here we are in the kitchen…

I have fixed the template (which comes with the kit) to the panel with masking tape. Use lots of this as it is the perfect protection against a wayward drill or rats-tail file!

Small drill and a steady hand…

Remove the template. I hope you made a copy of it because it is strictly a single-use item!

Mask off the cut-out with yet more masking tape and apply rats-tail file (carefully)

Use a small flat file to cut out the shape of the switch.

Clean kitchen.

Polish panel.

Fit to bike.

Job done.

R&G’s are next…