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Triumph Sprint STealth – White Van saga now closed

I have replaced my “White Van” Sprint ST with this black beauty:

Sprint STealth

I have had three Tornado Red Sprints over the last 4 years and decided to go for something a little different. Black was only available for two years (1999-2000) and although you see them around, this one lived in Kent and had only 9,955 miles on the clock with a full service history, MOTs, the lot.

I rode it home through what the weathermen had warned as a  “severe weather warning” – it was certainly severe; picking your way between/around the standing water on the M2 and M20.

Funny thing is, by the time I got to the M25/M3 junction, the sun was shining and there hadn’t seemed to have been any rain all day.

I have fitted the SW Motech Rack and Givi box and the TOR race can and my local dealer has checked the current map (well out of date) and uploaded the TOR map.

Jobs to do:

  • Front brake is soft and squeals – suspect pad contamination as the previous owner kept the bike well sprayed with WD40 to protect against corrosion
  • Fit heated grips (no rush)
  • Fit Givi touring screen and bar risers (again, no rush as this one seems perfectly comfortable as it is)
  • Fit rear fender extender

Done the rear fender extender and the front brake. Now I’m filthy. How is it that servicing brakes is such a dirty job?

Drilling the Fairing Panel

I have blogged about my fairing damage here but now that I have the new panel, I have to refit the switch for my heated grips. This is the third Sprint ST955 that I’ve fitted with heated grips so thought it was about time that I shared the method…

Firstly, make sure that you are somewhere warm. It was -1ºC in my garage yesterday and there’s nothing quite like cold fingers for screwing up and scratching the nice new (expensive) paintwork!

Here we are in the kitchen…

I have fixed the template (which comes with the kit) to the panel with masking tape. Use lots of this as it is the perfect protection against a wayward drill or rats-tail file!

Small drill and a steady hand…

Remove the template. I hope you made a copy of it because it is strictly a single-use item!

Mask off the cut-out with yet more masking tape and apply rats-tail file (carefully)

Use a small flat file to cut out the shape of the switch.

Clean kitchen.

Polish panel.

Fit to bike.

Job done.

R&G’s are next…