Triumph Sprint ST 955 Heel Guard

The rear brake light switch on a Sprint 955 is “protected” by a rubber cover that sits right next to the rider’s right heel. After a while, constant movement of the rider’s boot destroys the rubber cover – check next time you see a 955 – there won’t be many that aren’t trashed!

I had seen some bikes fitted with what looked like a carbon heel guard or protector but have failed to track down where these came from.

Then I bought my black Sprint STealth

First thing I noticed was that it had one of these phantom heel guards fitted!

Even better – the previous owner had kept the fitting instructions and they were included in the documentation pack.

So, if you are looking for one of these:

The good news: It’s a Triumph part.

The bad news: It’s obsolete.

Here are the part numbers:

Heel Guard Kit Part number: A9728003
Heel Guard: A9720007
Spacer: A9750109 (2)
Flat Washer: 3550180-T03 (2)
Instructions: A99000093

One thought on “Triumph Sprint ST 955 Heel Guard

  1. CC

    I just came across one of the heel guards. Unfortunately it is damaged. The bottom part of the mounting hole is broken off as well as the spacers being lost. I can fix it though.
    Triumph still sells the spacers…. at a six week wait.
    Would you mind taking a picture of the hardware so I can try to match or fabricate some spacers?

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