Tech Stuff: No Motorcycle Content (sorry…)

The Nirvana Motorcycles site has been up and running since May 2007 and I thought that it was about time we stopped freeloading and bought our own server space. Up to now, we have been sharing disc space and bandwidth with my son’s website A typical 21-year-old, he never has enough time to update his site and it is usually out of date. He did, however, have enough disc space to host our motorcycle site (until now).

We have recently seen large bandwidth demands which were mostly my fault as a 2Gb per month limit is easily blown when visitors start watching the cutaway engine video (in hi-res mode). One or two large excess bandwidth bills from my hosting company and the fact that we were running out of disc space lead me to think that it was about time we hosted our own site and stumped up for some serious server facilities.

Having our own host allowed me to install MS FrontPage Extensions, which in turn allows me to add some interesting webtools to the site:

  • Favicon (did you notice the change?)
  • Hit Counter (bottom right of the Home Page)
  • Guestbook
  • This Blog

Between May 2007 and May 2008 we had 193,890 hits on the site; unfortunately I don’t know how to add this to the total so the Hit Counter starts at zero as of today…

If anyone has any suggestions for a more motorcycle-oriented counter (has to be a GIF file), let me know.

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