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Welcome to SQL 5.0, WP 3.2 and TwentyEleven!

It has taken me a month to get here…

WordPress 3.2 was launched in early July (2011) but required a database upgrade from SQL4 to SQL5 (5.0.77 in this case). Not as simple as just “upgrade the database” though…   I had to backup the database files, install a brand new version of SQL, restore the database files to the new database, sort out the error messages (the “import” function tries to create a new database with the same name as the one you have just created), redirect the website to the new database, try it, delete the old database, try it again and finally check out all the new, fancy gizmos available in the new version.

One you may have noticed is the new “TwentyEleven” theme. It is 1000px wide (hurrah!) whereas the old theme was stuck at 760px without a lot of config file editing.

I think it looks good. I’ve designed and uploaded my own header so watch out for regular changes. Maybe I’ll put my bikes up here on rotation (at 1000×288 pixels)

New (Blue) Header 1000x288