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How to make a new House Name Sign

A bit of a diversion here.

For many years (14 actually) my house has sported a sign that was made for me by my late father-in-law:

This is painted onto a piece of mahogany (probably a bit of old furniture) but is now beginning to show signs of requiring a bit of a refurb.

So, need a piece of hardwaring wood (that’s oak then). This is a section of an old solid oak floorboard.

Cut to size, plane off the old varnish and it is beginning to look good.

Drill a couple of mounting holes.

Here’s the “logo”. This was originally found on a packet of Dovedale Blue cheese in Sainsburys. I can’t find anything more on it – can’t find the cheese any more either (shame – it was delicious!)

Blown up in Photoshop and printed onto two sheets of A4. Then cut out the letters to make a stencil.

This is a very important part of any creative process.


Stencil onto the oak.

Remove the paper stencil.

Paint in the letters

Beginning to look like a sign (at last)

One coat of coloured varnish.

The old and the new.

Job Done.


The old sign has been retired to the back garden – I was banned from throwing it out by my kids: “Grandad made that”