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Buttflap Fender Extender for Triumph Tiger 1050

I have written before about fitting fender extenders to my various Triumphs, the aim being to be able to open my topbox after a wet ride and not get my hands dirty (this is especially true when commuting with an office suit on underneath the bike kit).

My new Tiger 1050 does not fit the fender extender design used on the 955 Sprint ST

Triumph Sprint ST 955 Fender Extender - Rear…as the rear-end design is completely different:

Triumph Tiger 1050 Fender Extender - BeforeLooking at this, all it really needs is a 2-3″ extension on the bottom of the number plate – maybe cut down a rubber (car) mudflap or something.

Then I spotted the Buttflap (actually was Googling for fender extender images to get ideas) – what a dreadful name but seems like a good idea. I’ll give it a try.

This is from their website – another dreadful bit of artwork, but it is all that’s there…

Buttflap explanation from their websiteSo here’s my first attempt:

First remove the numberplate:Buttflap Fitting Tiger 1050Remove the two Allen-head screws that secure the plastic part, drill the Buttflap to suit and mount it to the numberplate holder.Buttflap Fitting Tiger 1050

Looking good…Buttflap Fitting Tiger 1050Add a strip of the double-sided tape (supplied) to stop the numberplate from buzzing.Buttflap Fitting Tiger 1050Fix the numberplate back on over the Buttflap. Job done.Buttflap Fitted to Tiger 1050They say on the Buttflap site that you can hardly see the thing against the tyre.Buttflap Fitting Tiger 1050They’re right.