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Now the other boot zip has broken!

My 4-year old Alpinstars finally gave up last October and I had to replace one of the zips.

This time the other (right) one snapped in the same place.

Although the repair I carried out is fine and standing up to abuse well, I find the puller a little small as the force required to zip up motorcycle boots is fairly substantial (well, more than other zip that one has about one’s clothing…)

Many years ago, I was a corporate person (company car, fuel card, healthcare,     … pension…) and in the 80s we were big on time management and all had those fancy leather folders that contained a fraction of what my iPhone contains. I still have the leather folder and it has a rather nice leather puller:

motorcycle boot zip repair

These boots are good for another few years (watch this space)

Repairing a Broken Zip

After 3 1/2 years and about 30k miles, my trusty Alpinestars SMX-4WP boots have suffered a broken zip! These boots have been brilliant – they are the Gore-Tex version (hence the “WP”) and haven’t leaked a drop in all that time.

Luckily, the broken part was the zip puller and so a simple fix with a large paperclip got me home from work that night.

I had seen those repair kits for zips that basically provide a plastic clip that goes over the paperclip but couldn’t find one anywhere.

Trying eBay (as you do), I came across this rather neat little gadget from Minerva Crafts & Fabrics

£1.99 plus 99p postage

Job done!