Remus Powercone Exhaust – Triumph Tiger 1050 (update)

Remus 002Ever since fitting the Campbell Custom Sidewinder exhaust on my bike nearly 18 months ago, I have been on the lookout for one of these. The Campbell is just too noisy…

I like the low slung design and assumed that the single can (as opposed to the twin “cans” of the Campbell) would give a deeper tone and still sound brilliant.

They have shown up on eBay every now and then but finally found this one.

It doesn’t come with a centre-stand stop so I had to make my own from an old aluminium window fitting. I’ll keep a lookout for a linkpipe that includes the required small metal fitting. I asked Remus and they offered me a new one from stock (a mere £82 + shipping…)

Update (27-Dec-13)

Found just the link pipe with the centre-stand stop for £30 (BNWB) so bought it.

Now fitted and have removed the old aluminium window latch that I used to stop the stand hitting the chain.


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