Motorcycle Parking Bays in Wokingham (Updated 17/02/14)

In Wokingham we are quite well off for free motorcycle parking bays. I use them all the time as an alternative to “illegal” parking…

This morning there was a blue badge holder parked in the motorcycle-only bay. OK, the disabled bay next door was in use, but can you imagine the furore if it was the other way around?

I took this picture just in case I returned to find my bike on the floor! [note that I parked close enough to make a point but not so close as to constitute an obstruction (your Honour…)]

Are blue badge holders allowed to park anywhere they like?


Here’s my other favourite – it’s next to the Library and in the entrance to the pay-and-display car park.

A while back, the council installed the metal pillars to stop delivery trucks (for the pub next door) from using the space. Now we seem to have gained a large green wheelie bin (let’s call the “Dumpsters” as some councils seem to want residential users to share these and we can’t just keep calling them “big green wheelie bins” – can we?)  I don’t know who’s this is but would hazard a guess that it is the pub next door…

As I’ve only ever seen two bikes parked here it is not an issue at the moment, but should I ever find that I can’t fit in, a copy of this photo will be winging it’s way to the council’s complaints desk.

Update 15-Sept-2011

I’ve decided to report the bent bollard noted in one of the comments as it is actually quite tricky to fit a large bike in the space.

While I was there this morning, a guy dumped a load of stuff in the dumpster and then walked back to the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant 50 yards up the road. Why is his bin in our parking space? Doesn’t he have a rear yard like everyone else?

I’m going to ask the council and will report back.

Update 26-Oct-2011

Had an email back from the Car Parks Manager saying that their contractors had been instructed to either repair or replace the bollard.

They also advised that the dumpster was not supposed to be there and that they’d contact the owners.

More updates as this story unfolds…

Update 18-Nov-2011

Three bikes in the parking bay today. With the bent post and the dumpster there was only just enough room…

Motorcycle Parking Bay in Wokingham

Time to nag Wokingham Borough Council to see what’s going on.


Update 11-Jan-2012

The bent bollard was “repaired” (read “removed”) just before Christmas:

The offending bent bollard has been removedOn Christmas Eve, I saw my first car parked in the space – to be honest, it was someone collecting their merry teenagers from the pub, it was dark and raining and she hadn’t done a particularly good job of parking the people carrier. No picture I’m afraid as I was there for exactly the same reason and didn’t hang around to take any pictures.

Next time I find a car there I will!

No progress on the wheelie bin yet.

Update 22-May-12

The bin is still there and today was obstructing half of the available space.

I have emailed WBC to ask for a progress update…

Motorcycle Parking Bay in Wokingham

Update 30-Aug-12

The bin is still there and today is joined by a pallet and a rather natty padlock. If this has been placed there by the “owner”, how do the binmen empty it? Maybe it is the first step towards getting it moved? Whatever happens, I’m planning on a birthday party soon – maybe I should make a cake and present it to Wokingham Borough Council car parks department?

Green bin in bike parking space

Update 10-Nov-12

Well that did the trick.

My thanks to Kevin Brewer, Marketing Manager at Grundon who wielded far more power that Wokingham Borough Council…

Green wheelie bin finally gone

Parking at Waitrose Wokingham (Updated 07-August-12)

I’ve been wandering around Wokingham with my iPhone and have snapped this picture of the motorcycle parking bay at the Waitrose Supermarket (entrance in Rectory Road).

Motorcycle Parking at Waitrose WokinghamI’m not sure if there are any restrictions – there don’t seem to be any for cars any more!


Parking at Wokingham Station (Updated 30-August-12)

I’ve been wandering around Wokingham with my iPhone and have snapped this picture of the motorcycle parking bays at the station.

This is taken from the footbridge – sorry if it looks a bit weird! The corrugated stuff is the roof of the bicycle shed.

Parking at Woodley Precinct (Updated 30-August-12)

Some would say that Woodley is not in Wokingham. It’s in the borough so counts for me! I was there for a blood donation session at the Oakwood Centre. To get to the motorcycle bays, you have to go right to the end by the library.

Motorcycle Parking at Woodley Precinct

Parking at Wokingham’s nice new station (Updated 17-February-14)

Opened (unofficially) in October 2013 and nearly finished now, I’ve been waiting to see if any motorcycle parking bays will appear to replace those lost during the redevelopment.

So far, this is it…

Wokingham Station Motorcycle Parking 2014Not quite what I expected. No doubt the bike parked in this photo will be “moved on” as the gate on the left is some sort of emergency exit.

Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “Motorcycle Parking Bays in Wokingham (Updated 17/02/14)

  1. admin Post author

    Yes there is a motorcycle bay at Wokingham station and I believe that it is free (I’ve not checked though). Given the issues with Pay & Display car parks and motorcycles, I would imagine that is is free. It is just past the ticket office on the left, next to the pushbike sheds. There are usually 2 or 3 bikes parked there.

  2. Oly

    Hey, stumbled across this blog when doing a Google search on motorcycle bays in Wokingham, apologies on commenting on an old post.

    You say that Wokingham has a number of free motorcycle bays but I am having trouble finding where there are. Are you able to park at the station for free for example?

    I’m looking to commute by bike to Wokingham to pick up the train in the near future and am hoping I can find a few options to use, if of course you know of any!

    Cheers in advance!

  3. Hevra

    Thanks Steve – I parked in the library one last night and saw the wonky bollard, think you’re right, probably beer delivery or possibly a refuse lorry picking up that green bin. Cheers!

  4. admin Post author

    The bike parking bays are free.

    The top photo with the disabled driver parked in the bike bay is in the carpark behind the Peach St shops. The entrance is in Rose St next to the Methodist Church. It is very handy for the town centre and banks etc.

    I notice this week that the right hand bollard (in the picture) at the Library has been flattened – probably by one of the brewery delivery trucks.

  5. Hevra

    Hello Steve,
    I’ve seen the same thing in the bay by the library, down the side of the pub. I don’t recognise the top photo though, where’s that from?
    I’m new to riding (did my CBT in November) and I’m stuck on the ins and outs of parking a bike up. Are the spaces above free for bikes? The library one I have parked in a few times but being the total pansy that I am, I usually get a ticket for ‘just in case’.

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