Honda CBR600FS (Dave’s)

How brilliant is it when your kids (or their partners) are into bikes 🙂

When Dave called and asked for my recommendations for a first (post Direct Access) bike, I immediately went “Street Triple”

Unfortunately, funds wouldn’t stretch that far and after (briefly) flirting with the prospect of a Hornet 600, we decided that a CBR600F was the answer. Honda CBR600FS

This is an 04 plate CBR600FS that I rode home from Windlesham on 8th August 2015. This model was the first fuel injected CBR600 and was the stepping stone between the carbed CBR600F and the race replica CBR600RR which came a year later.

It is more sporty than the CBR600F (but not as much as the RR).

The only problem remaining was Dave’s lack of a full motorcycle license…

Honda CBR600FS

In the garage.

Honda CBR600FS

And all covered up.


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