“Bikeless” State is (temporarily) Resolved

Eamon (he’s the one sitting on the gold K2 on the homepage) has lent me a couple of his early 900s to ride while I await the return of my 955.

This Trident 900 Sprint from 1994 is brilliant! It’s like being wafted along in an armchair compared to the Daytona. It’s more torquey than the Daytona 900 and manages 50mpg (vs 45mpg) on my daily commute which includes M4/M25 and various dual carriageways.

This bike has 44k miles on the clock and took him to Poland and back when he was young and free.

Also new in my barn is a Trophy 900 which may well be better suited to the M25 grind as it offers better weather protection and the “Trophy” engine map (more torque at lower revs hopefully). At present it needs a new rear disc, a set of plugs and an MOT, so I’ll have a crack at that next week and let you know what I think of it. The disc is coming from AllBike Spares in Greenwich – handy for me as my son lives there and he can collect it for me. I’m off to the O2 on Monday to see Roger Waters so I’ll pick it up from him then.

To make up the set, here’s the 57k miler Daytona that I have been riding for the last few weeks:

Anyone care to lend me a Tiger 900 and I can compare Hinckley’s best!

One thought on ““Bikeless” State is (temporarily) Resolved

  1. Rig

    I always wanted a Trident 900 Sprint when they came out, even now I think they are a nice looking bike.

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