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OK. Fed up with bike posts?

Here are my pets:

Arnie in the snow this winter.

Why “Arnie”. Long story. Both my kids play brass instruments so the dog (apparently) had to be named after a brass composer, a British brass composer. Sir Malcolm Arnold got the nod so here is “Arnold” or “Arnie” as the kids dubbed him – because he was hunky (like Schwarzenegger)

Here he is at 9 weeks old.

…and at 1 year old with his soulmate (and room-mate) Hedera (more later)

For a while we had three Springers: Rosie (14) on the left and the brother/sister pair of Bramley (now with the Mother-in-Law) and Arnie on the right.

This is Arnie after he disgraced himself with the cat-flap. When he was little he used it as a door and followed the two cats in and out – at 2 years old he was a bit big…

After impaling himself on a steel reinforcing spike on a building site (he was chasing a rabbit), here he is looking much the worse for wear and sorry for himself.

Heddy is a ginger tom. Originally we had two cats; Holly and Hedera (only the vet got the joke – they were both Christmas kittens. Look it up…)

Heddy is now 13 but still thinks he’s a dog (or is it Arnie that thinks he’s a cat?)

R&G Crash Bungs Fitted at Last.

This has taken a while, but there was no way that I could undo the two engine mounting bolts to fit the crash protectors. The obvious answer was to ask my dealer to do it whilst the bike was being serviced. With the fairings off and an experienced tech, it was the work of a few minutes.

Now I feel that I have finally laid my little driveway “incident” to rest.

Silver Wheels now fitted with Black Tyres (!)

I have blogged about the “gold” wheels on my Triumph Sprint ST. I have now reached the stage where I have fitted a BT020 front tyre as I prefer the older compound to the softer BT021. The rear came fitted with a BT021. Both wheels have been checked out and balanced (and cleaned…)

Next I have to swap the front disks from my current bike and fit the wheels…

Triumph Speed Triple 1050

I had a long ride on one of these today whilst my Sprint was at Bulldog Triumph having a 12k service.

Having never ridden one of these (shock smiley required!), first impressions were of the high and forward riding position. Almost as if you are sitting over the front wheel. No fuel gauge – only a little yellow light that was glowering at me.

What a brilliant noise! I was riding it around town in 2nd gear just for the burble on the over-run. Very fast but I struggled to hold my head up at anything over 85. If you can high-speed-tour on one of these you have my admiration!

Almost got to the wheelie stage before returning the bike – but it only had 90 miles on the clock so decided that maybe wasn’t such a good idea.

If I could have two Triumphs, I’d have one of these.   Or maybe a Street… 🙂