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R&G Crash Bungs (Updated 07-Apr-10)

Bought some of these to fit to my Sprint (see “Oops… post here)

On the 955 Sprint, the engine mounting bolts align perfectly with the cut-out in the fairing, so no cutting required and no fancy expensive ironwork behind the fragile plastic bits!

The fitting has taken a lot longer than I thought; there was no way that I could undo the two engine mounting bolts to fit the crash protectors. The obvious answer was to ask my dealer to do it whilst the bike was being serviced. With the fairings off and an experienced tech, it was the work of a few minutes.

Now I feel that I have finally laid my little driveway “incident” to rest.

YouTuba Concert Reviewed in “The Bandsman”

Further to my other posts on here about SE London’s favourite low brass ensemble (Tuba Quartet!), the guys played a lunchtime concert at Oxford Street’s Regent Hall last Friday, which resulted in the following review in The Bandsman magazine. Not a mag that I read frequently I must admit – but nice to be recognised in the press.

There’s a copy of the review on YouTuba’s website here.

Here they are drumming up a bit of support – playing “William Tell Overture” in Oxford Street!

Dropped Sprint Finally Fixed

I have written before about the day that I dropped my Triumph Sprint and described how I had picked up a replacement fairing panel.

All it needed was cleaning, preparing, painting and “logo-ing”. I estimated £100 for the paint and £25 for the decal.

Here’s the finished article:

Not altogether a happy ending as the (financial) damage was worse that I had estimated (and to be fair, worse than my dealer had imagined as well). Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great job and I would have gladly plugged the paintshop on here, but at £150 + VAT (£176.25) it’s not a million miles away from the price of a brand new part from Triumph.

Total cost:
Panel: £13.50
Decal: £26.97
Paint: £176.25

Total: £216.72

[does anyone know how to insert justify tabs into html docs like this?]

All that’s required now is to cut the hole for the heated grip switch and fit the fairing panel.

More photos to follow.

[I have appended this post to the end of the original “Oops” post in order to maintain a complete story]