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Triumph Tiger 1050 Suspension – WP Rear Shock

My Tiger has just passed 30k miles and to be frank, the rear suspension is shagged. It bounces over bumps and if/when you hit the second bump whilst cranked over in a bend, you’d better have some spare trousers in your pack!

One of the guys on had moved on (up?) to a Ducati and was offering his 10k mile WP rear shock absorber for £350. He worked in London so we met at Euston and I brought home my new rear shock and looked forward to the next 10k miles (before, presumably, a rebuild would be in order…)

Tiger 1050 WP Shock

Tiger 1050 WP Shock Here’s the removed OEM shock compared to the WP part. The Triumph shock looks much heavier (I didn’t weigh them) with a much thicker spring.

Tiger 1050 WP Rear Shock vs OEMSomeone told me once that new bikes have to be designed to cope with two 20 stone people so no wonder they are oversprung. Not sure about 40 stone (that’s 254 Kg or 560 lbs depending upon where you are), but it sure looks over-engineered.

Road test to follow.


Remus Powercone Exhaust – Triumph Tiger 1050 (update)

Remus 002Ever since fitting the Campbell Custom Sidewinder exhaust on my bike nearly 18 months ago, I have been on the lookout for one of these. The Campbell is just too noisy…

I like the low slung design and assumed that the single can (as opposed to the twin “cans” of the Campbell) would give a deeper tone and still sound brilliant.

They have shown up on eBay every now and then but finally found this one.

It doesn’t come with a centre-stand stop so I had to make my own from an old aluminium window fitting. I’ll keep a lookout for a linkpipe that includes the required small metal fitting. I asked Remus and they offered me a new one from stock (a mere £82 + shipping…)

Update (27-Dec-13)

Found just the link pipe with the centre-stand stop for £30 (BNWB) so bought it.

Now fitted and have removed the old aluminium window latch that I used to stop the stand hitting the chain.


How many spelling mistakes can you get on one billboard?

This is/was outside Don Beni’s in Denmark Street Wokingham on Friday afternoon. (originally published in October 2012)

Don Beni AdvertisingI can see 5 (if you include the random apostrophe after the X in Xmass…)

Update: More typos!

Spelling on restaurant advertising boardsThis was May 5th (2103) and it would seem that the Xmas(s) trainee didn’t get the push after all!

Update: Not sure about this one…

It could be done on purpose. Obviously a better class of signwriter in Marlow.

Marlow Donkey Board