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Can we have our bollards back please?

This was Rose Street carpark motorcycle bay on Friday 5th October. I took this shot just in case I returned from my visit to the bank to find the truck gone and my bike in pieces…

Motorcycle Parking Bay Rose Street WokinghamThe truck was parked half on the double (triple?) yellow lines and half in the motorcycle bay (and half blocking the blue Focus). The passenger door was open and it had one of those stupid “Delivering” signs on the dashboard. There was no one about…

I think I’ll send a copy to Wokingham Borough Council and ask them to reinstate the bollards that used to “protect” the motorcycle bay – but which have been demolished by various trucks over the years.

Watch this space (no news on the green wheelie bin in Denmark St yet – I’ll be sending the council a birthday card for that one soon…)

Now the other boot zip has broken!

My 4-year old Alpinstars finally gave up last October and I had to replace one of the zips.

This time the other (right) one snapped in the same place.

Although the repair I carried out is fine and standing up to abuse well, I find the puller a little small as the force required to zip up motorcycle boots is fairly substantial (well, more than other zip that one has about one’s clothing…)

Many years ago, I was a corporate person (company car, fuel card, healthcare,     … pension…) and in the 80s we were big on time management and all had those fancy leather folders that contained a fraction of what my iPhone contains. I still have the leather folder and it has a rather nice leather puller:

motorcycle boot zip repair

These boots are good for another few years (watch this space)

Hondaman “My CB750” Book

Mark Paris (Hondaman) is a stalwart of .net (www.sohc4.net) and has spent the last 4 years writing his own book on the CB750. It is a “coffee table” book and includes pictures submitted by members of .net over the years. Mark is hugely experienced (almost as much as Bryan Jones…  Wink) and has put that experience and his time into this book – urged on by the members of course!

As with any “print to order” book, it is not cheap. Less than an OEM pipe for your CB, but still not cheap.

After discussing a UK “distribution” to try and reduce shipping costs, Mark has discovered that the company will deliver a “print file” to a local outfit (after commission of course) so that it can be printed locally on local sized (A4) paper.

Please post on here if you are interested.

The cost will be at least £50 (sorry) and may be more like £60  Shocked

As he says, we are working on a DVD version – personally, I like a good old-fashioned glossy book!

Update: You can buy this book direct from the printers in A4 size and have it shipped direct. Go to lulu.com