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Triumph Daytona 675 vs Tiger 1050 Sport

With the great weather in July and Chris undecided as to whether to ditch his Blackbird, we headed off to Bulldog Triumph to try out some of their bikes.

Out with the old?Honda Blackbird

I was primarily interested in the Tiger 1050 Sport. I’d heard a lot about the differences that I’d find between the new model and my “old” 2006 bike. First impressions were good, the solid feel of the Tiger, a little quiet for my liking but I’m sure that wouldn’t be to difficult to fix. The brakes are awesome! Just pulling up outside the dealer before heading off gave an indication as to how much better a new set of brakes can feel over a 25k mile set. Same with the suspension. This bike doesn’t wallow around corners (!) – maybe I should invest some money in a suspension refresh…

It was 30°C and 3pm on a Friday afternoon so didn’t get a chance to try the headlights. I’d be interested to see how they compare to mine [HID dip and standard “candle” main]Triumph Tiger 105 Sport

After half an hour or so we swapped bikes.

This Daytona is a bit different!

After wafting along in the arm-chair comfort of the Tiger, the Daytona was a bit of a shock. It is absolutely tiny.I’m looking straight at the road about 10 feet in front of the bike. To look down the road I have to crane my neck into a very uncomfortable position – and then I can’t look through the lenses of my glasses so the view is all blurred!

The bike goes like a rocket and hits the rev limiter in every gear that I use. I just can’t change gear fast enough. And what a great sound comes from the Arrow slip-on exhaust.Triumph Daytona 675 Conclusions:

  • Chris loved the Daytona and hated the Tiger
  • It was as fast (in real life) as his Blackbird, was so much lighter and flickable and just more fun.
  • He’s not sure he could ride one to Wales and back in a weekend…
  • I loved the Tiger but sportsbikes are not my cup of tea (glad I tried it though)

And then there was this sitting in the car park back at Bulldog…


It was hot though…

Hot iPhone

White Van Man 1 : Triumph Sprint 0 (Updated 13-Aug-2010)

I guess that 35 years without a bike accident had to end at some time…

(not counting dropping it on my drive last year…)

15:20 Wednesday 21st July) I had just finished a hot and exhausting day’s work moving my son from Greenwich to a new flat in Nunhead. Back on the bike and an appointment in Tunbridge Wells so heading for the A2/M25.

In Lewisham and New Cross, bikes are allowed in the bus lanes, so there I was skipping past the heavy traffic down the bus lane. At the lights was a white van (why was he in the bus lane?). I pulled up behind him (as you do), only to see his reversing lights come on

3 seconds is not enough time to haul a Sprint 6 feet backwards…

With an almighty crunch, the front of my bike disappeared beneath his rear bumper, far enough such that the headlight fairing was jammed up against his rear doors.

I jumped off and had a good curse.

First inspection would indicate bent forks, smashed plastics, possibly bent wheel.

The front wheel was so far beneath the back of his van that the nose fairing was jammed up against the rear doors (also suspect bent upper fairing frame…)

When he pulled away, the bike (which was jammed upright), fell over to the left and scratched the mirror, crash bung, top box and bent the gear lever. Note that my new l/h fairing panel was undamaged!

R&Gs took the pain for the left hand fairing panel.

Gear lever is well bent

And it landed on the Givi box.
Recovered home by Carole Nash (great service)

If he denies it, who would you believe?
“He reversed into me”
“He was going too fast and rode into the back of me” ?
There were no witnesses – by the time I’d jumped off and cursed, the lights had changed and they’d all buggered off.

I had been home barely long enough to explain the SWMBO, when I received a call from his insurers (Aviva):
“Our insured has admitted liability and we’d like to clear this up as soon as possible. Can you get your bike collected asap and we’ll sent our assessor round to discuss the quote. You don’t have to involve your insurance company. It is quicker and cheaper for us to deal direct”

Update 22-July-10

Things are moving fast: bike collected by Bulldog Triumph and carted off to their workshop for an “initial assessment”:

“Looks like a write-off Steve…”

Update 23-July-10

Suzuki Bandit 1250 arrives in the morning. It was that or £15 per day for loss of use.

Went round to Bulldog: “Looks like a write-off Steve…”

Update 25-July-10

Bandit was late due to delivery driver calling in sick on Saturday morning (can’t get the staff can you?)

Here it is:

First impressions:

  • Dull
  • Quiet
  • Digital speedo
  • Dull
  • Quite torquey
  • Needs a gear indicator (I kept losing count…)
  • Dull

Reminds me of a Bandit 600 that I rode years ago – it may be more modern and have a bigger engine but still about as exciting as watching the F1 from Hochenheim this afternoon.

Update 11-Aug-10

Still got the Bandit.

Insurance company have written off my Sprint and so I’m on the lookout for a replacement.

Update 13-Aug-10

No cheque yet but have already received the demand for the V5C etc…

Still got the Bandit.

Spotted a Stealth Black Sprint.    Hmmm…

Fastbikes Magazine and our Suzuki GS550

As you may have noted, Rich ‘Moby’ Newland (Editor of Fastbikes mag) has bought our project GS550. He came over from Bath in an enormous Sprinter van to collect it on Thursday last week (1st May).

I have met most of the editors of the top bike mags over the last few years and I must say that Rich is a really nice guy. Very personable, knows his bikes (old and new) and in no way could be accused of “looking down his nose at us mere readers” (now who could I be thinking of?). He explained his reasons – same as most of us actually. Wanted one when younger, couldn’t afford the insurance and now fancies doing one up.

He isn’t going to feature the resto in the mag (shame) but will blog about it on the Fastbikes site here

Here’s the “before” photo: