Dropped Sprint Finally Fixed

I have written before about the day that I dropped my Triumph Sprint and described how I had picked up a replacement fairing panel.

All it needed was cleaning, preparing, painting and “logo-ing”. I estimated £100 for the paint and £25 for the decal.

Here’s the finished article:

Not altogether a happy ending as the (financial) damage was worse that I had estimated (and to be fair, worse than my dealer had imagined as well). Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great job and I would have gladly plugged the paintshop on here, but at £150 + VAT (£176.25) it’s not a million miles away from the price of a brand new part from Triumph.

Total cost:
Panel: £13.50
Decal: £26.97
Paint: £176.25

Total: £216.72

[does anyone know how to insert justify tabs into html docs like this?]

All that’s required now is to cut the hole for the heated grip switch and fit the fairing panel.

More photos to follow.

[I have appended this post to the end of the original “Oops” post in order to maintain a complete story]

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