Triumph Speed Triple 1050

I had a long ride on one of these today whilst my Sprint was at Bulldog Triumph having a 12k service.

Having never ridden one of these (shock smiley required!), first impressions were of the high and forward riding position. Almost as if you are sitting over the front wheel. No fuel gauge – only a little yellow light that was glowering at me.

What a brilliant noise! I was riding it around town in 2nd gear just for the burble on the over-run. Very fast but I struggled to hold my head up at anything over 85. If you can high-speed-tour on one of these you have my admiration!

Almost got to the wheelie stage before returning the bike – but it only had 90 miles on the clock so decided that maybe wasn’t such a good idea.

If I could have two Triumphs, I’d have one of these.   Or maybe a Street… 🙂

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