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OK. Fed up with bike posts?

Here are my pets:

Arnie in the snow this winter.

Why “Arnie”. Long story. Both my kids play brass instruments so the dog (apparently) had to be named after a brass composer, a British brass composer. Sir Malcolm Arnold got the nod so here is “Arnold” or “Arnie” as the kids dubbed him – because he was hunky (like Schwarzenegger)

Here he is at 9 weeks old.

…and at 1 year old with his soulmate (and room-mate) Hedera (more later)

For a while we had three Springers: Rosie (14) on the left and the brother/sister pair of Bramley (now with the Mother-in-Law) and Arnie on the right.

This is Arnie after he disgraced himself with the cat-flap. When he was little he used it as a door and followed the two cats in and out – at 2 years old he was a bit big…

After impaling himself on a steel reinforcing spike on a building site (he was chasing a rabbit), here he is looking much the worse for wear and sorry for himself.

Heddy is a ginger tom. Originally we had two cats; Holly and Hedera (only the vet got the joke – they were both Christmas kittens. Look it up…)

Heddy is now 13 but still thinks he’s a dog (or is it Arnie that thinks he’s a cat?)