The Anarchy of the M25 (in a Car)

Sooner or later I will recount the saga of my Triumph Sprint ST955i. But for now, let’s just say that I’m commuting from Reading to St Albans every day in a car

Rinding a bike round there every day is great (especially in the weather that we’ve been having); I don’t go mad but don’t drive along in lane 1 at 55mph either.

Riding a bike you know that you always have what it takes to squirt away from any potential danger with a mere flick of the wrist. My 98k mile Focus is different. It’s not slow, but I don’t like to go “fast” in it, which means lane 2 at about 75 most of the time. At that speed the M25 can be very threatening as the trucks move out without looking or signaling and BMW-man is 2 feet behind you, on the phone and in a hurry.

I can talk about BMW-man coz in the 90’s I was one. I had a succession of company 5-Series cars and was usually the one in lane 3 (on the phone)…

Anyways, a solution to the “bike-less” status could present itself this weekend. I promise to write about my Sprint (with pictures) at a later date.

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