Problems with Blog Display (IE6?)

Does anyone out there see this?

All I can think is that my work PC uses IE6 (I use Firefox)

Any ideas?

[EDIT 10th May]
Could be the screen settings.

At home I have an old Ilyama LCD (from about 2000) which operates best at 1024×768

My work Dell (new) is set to 1280×1024. Could that be the reason?

2 thoughts on “Problems with Blog Display (IE6?)

  1. admin Post author

    So it looks like good old IE is at fault here. I guess the only solution is to use Firefox!

    [Unfortunately I am currently working for the UK Government and IE6 is what you get…]

  2. Rig

    Steve, after testing I can also reproduce the problem but only using IE6, it happens at other resolutions as well.

    Works OK on IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3b5, Opera 9.27, Opera 9.25beta all at different resolutions.

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