Triumph Tiger 800 Nitron Shock Absorber

By August 2015 I’d had my Tiger 800 for 18 months and the rear shock was sha**ed.

Potholes were bouncy, high speed curves on major roads were …   interesting…

I picked up this Nitron shock from a colleague. It had done 1600 miles and looked like new. When asked, I learned that a “shock sock” was de-rigeur for maintaining the “good as new” look.

Here’s the old vs the new.

Triumph Tiger 800 Shock Absorbers

Here’s an R&G ShockTube (£25)

Nitron Shock for Tiger 800

And here’s the result.

R&G Shocktube Shocksock for Tiger 800 Nitron

The handling is transformed. Sometimes I find myself hunting out the potholes and irregularities, something I wouldn’t have dared before.

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