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Ross Noble’s Sit Down Tour

I don’t suppose for a minute it was my Tweet to Ross Noble that resulted in his visit to Bulldog Triumph in Winnersh on Wednesday evening. He was riding the VIN 500k Triump Speed Triple from Hertfordshire to Bournemouth. @realrossnoble
Steve & Ros Noble at Bulldog 25-05-11

He looks a bit tired – not surprised with the riding and having to read 400+ Tweets that day (and only 5pm).

Good photo oportunity for the shop though!

The Bulldog Team with Ross Noble 25-05-11

Left to Right:

Chris, Steve, Andy, Ross, Ian, Mike

MOT Test Toolkit (Bikes)

Bulldog Triumph are moving to new premises in Winnersh. They have a massive new showroom and 5x the service area, including a new motorcycle MOT bay.

Here it is at the moment (T minus 3 days):

Bulldog Triumph Winnersh MOT Bay

I’m most of you are familiar with the layout – but WTF is that toolkit hanging on the wall?

WTF Toolkit?

Not one but TWO huge crowbars!

Answers on a postcard please.