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Trophy 900 (Updated 18th June 2008)

The replacement rear disc arrived (via a circuitous route) and I spent the best part of today tearing into the rear wheel of the old green Trophy.

Biggest problem. Why did Triumph introduce so many new fixings?

Call me old fashioned, but I bought most of my tools in the 70’s and they’ve stood me well ever since.

But Torx? And 12mm Allen screws?? C’mon guys, what was wrong with good old fashioned hex bolts?

So now I’m the proud owner of a set of large Torx sockets and a spanking set of (Halfords) 6-12mm hex sockets.

The job was really easy (as long as you have an impact driver), I fitted new rear pads and the new disc. How to re-align the rear wheel – well I think I’ll have to re-read the manual as it’s not as obvious as it should be.

There’s no spark on #3 and I suspect the ignition coil. I’ve changed the plug and swapped the igniter circuit so I’m pretty sure that the coil is dead. I’ll swap one from the Daytona 900 just to make sure before heading off to eBay to look for a replacement.

Watch this space.

UPDATE: (30th May 2008)

Well, the Daytona coil did the trick! I must admit to being a little surprised as there’s not a lot to break in an ignition coil. Still, now its running on all three cylinders. The rear brake is still sticking and I suspect that I’ll have to take the caliper apart and clean it. The bike’s been used and sitting with worn pads for a while which exposes a large area of the piston to the outside world. Fitting new pads means that pistons need to resume their life “indoors” so they’ll probably need a good scrub before I refit them.

The wheel alignment is easy when you read the instructions…

UPDATE: (2nd June 2008)

Rear brake fixed. Bit the bullet and took the caliper to bits, removed pistons and cleaned with Scotchbrite and brake fluid (now nice and shiney). Removed the two “dust” seals and cleaned the square groove with a toothpick. Refitted seals, cleaned out caliper, refitted and flushed through with new fluid. Job done!

UPDATE: (18th June 2008)

I don’t really enjoy riding this bike. It’s too much like the Trident, on which I feel far more at home.

So it’s for sale on www.nirvana-motorcycles.com

39k miles, £1400 check the site for more details