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New Boots

[Tyres, that is…]

My Tiger 800 came with 4500 miles and OEM Pirelli Skorpion tyres. They look OK from a dual purpose, jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none perspective, but at 8,400 miles they are squared-off and knackered. Riding over any sort of road irregularity reminds me of 1970’s bikes…

So, deep breath and ask the price of Michelin’s brand new Pilot Road 4 Trail tyres.

Here are the dead Skorpions (that would make a good name for a rock band?):

Pirelli Skorpions (dead)

And here are the breathtakingly beautiful Michelins:

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail 110/80 Front

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail 150/70 Rear