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Smart Repairs to SLK Bumper

I recently had some small scuffs imparted to the rear bumper of my SLK by a nice lady who reversed into it in a car park. I thought I’d try the “Smart Repair” available from a local dealer as opposed to the full-blown insurance repair (about £400!) and at 1pm today, George duly arrived in his white van with all his kit.

Apologies in advance for the photos – it was really bright this morning and he was working so fast that I had to take what I could whilst trying to get around the deep contrast caused by the direct sunlight on a silver car…

Her he is masking the job off:

After rubbing it down:

Five coats of silver paint and one coat of lacquer:

Heat treatment:

Job done!

While George was here, I asked him what I should do about the wheel nuts, which were rusty (and ridiculously expensive to replace)



Silver engine paint and a funnel made out of an old cornflake packet to stop the overspray. Maybe it won’t last long; we shall see!

90 minutes and £80.

Job done.