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1979 Honda CB900FZ (now sold)

This is a great photo – taken by John Noble for a feature in Classic Bike magazine in November 2009. Put it up large on your screen and you can almost feel the tarmac zipping past a few inches below your POV*

Honda CB900FZ

The feature put up late 70’s superbikes in a group test; Honda CB900FZ, Suzuki GS1000S (Ice Cream Van), Kawasaki Z1000 and Yamaha XS1100 (who will ever forget that “Bike” test that headlined “Nothing exceeds like excess” (Geddit?)


Jim Moore’s verdict?

“Admittedly, the Honda’s nowhere near as evocative as the Kawasaki, but as a usable classic superbike it’s the best bike here”.

Thanks Jim 🙂

The bike is still in my garage, although I’ve not ridden it for a few years now…   Maybe I’ll dig it out this spring after re-reading the group test.



* Point Of View

CB900FZ Right Front (Custom) CB900FZ Left Side (Custom)

The bike has a new battery, fork seals, fork oil, brake fluid, engine oil and a shiny new MOT.

Now gone to a new home with a Honda collector and enthusiast.