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BMW K100RS Leaves Nirvana

Waved goodbye to the BMW this afternoon as Phil Millard of Acceleration Collection and Delivery Service arrived to take her to sunny Scotland. He’s a professional bike transporter and came recommended by Dave Hewitt (Biffta) on the vintage Honda site www.honda-sohc.co.uk. We had to take the luggage off (again) to fit the bike in the van; this will give the new owner some good practise at fitting and removing the luggage as there’s a definite knack to it.

Here’s Phil in his van with the bikes:

He can be contacted on www.AccelerationCADS.co.uk


I promised a picture with the luggage fitted: here it is.


Honestly, how difficult can it be to take a photograph of a bike like this? Answer: very difficult. Your average cheapo digital camera (like the one I have) can’t handle the white bodywork and black engine. This is the best of about 20 shots – this one was on auto but in the shade behind a barn. I tried all sorts of sun/shade/fixed aperture shots but this one was still the best. Any advice on how to do this (without spending zillions on SLR cameras) welcome.