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Cafes You Should Visit #4: Compton Abbas Airfield

It’s May (nearly) so it must be time for another airfield cafe!

This is Compton Abbas. Makes Old Sarum look positively suburban but ticks all the boxes and it has a bar!

If you’ve never riden up Zig Zag Hill, you must try it (once). It’s very over-rated and to be honest, I don’t like hairpins very much. I’m more of the “sweeping bends” type.

The local sausage baguettes are highly recommended.

Compton Abbas Airfield Cafe

I’m bringing the Bulldog RAT boys here on Sunday (1st May) – we’ll see what they make of it.

Cafes You Should Visit #3: Old Sarum Airfield

This is a great cafe (not to mention a stonking ride from Wokingham)

First impressions of the airfield are that it looks a bit like an industrial estate with a brand new housing development across the road. However, once into the little narrow roads between the old hangars, the view opens out to the vast green airfield, the cafe and a special bike park!

The cafe is really nice, drinks and hot food available 7 days per week.

The airfield offers light aircraft, helicopters, gyrocopters, micro-lights (and coffee)


Old Sarum Airfield Cafe

Here’s the Cafe. The sun came out shortly afterwards…

Old Sarum Airfield Cafe View of the Grass Runway and Parking Area

You are right next to the (aircraft) parking area.

Old Sarum Airfield Cafe Bike Park

There’s even a special bike park (Please keep off the grass…)  🙂


Here’s the view on Sunday 10th April:

Old Sarum Airfield Bike Park

A few more bikes there today...