Silver Wheels (Sprint ST) – Updated 12th April 2010

The “So What Should I Do With These Wheels?” project continues apace. Well, as “apace” as can be expected when you have very little spare cash and are holding out for a bargain.

The front wheel came up first and I secured it for £30 – bargain!

The rear wheel was £90 but came with a part-worn Bridgestone 021; again a bargain in my view when they are £400-odd new and £200+ from most breakers.

A call to my mate Gary Beresford who has agreed to run them up on his machine to check integrity, bearings and rebalance. He will also fit a part-worn Bridgestone 021 front that I picked up from a mate (swapped for a bedside cabinet!)

Fitting pictures coming soon.

Update 12th April 2010

Here they are fitted:

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