Roger Waters, the M25 and Riding with Cold Fingers.

I went to see Roger Waters at the O2 on Monday night (19th May). If you’ve not been to the O2, it seats 24,000 and is a bit like an indoor football stadium. Even so, the concert was so LOUD that it actually hurt at times (maybe I’m just more susceptible to certain frequencies – must be an age thing)

The concert finished at about 11pm, we walked back to Chris’ place in Greenwich (walked right past AllBike Spares as it happens) which is where I’d left the bike.

It was one of those sunny but cold days. I had taken all my “winter” kit; HG jacket and quilted trousers, neck tube etc BUT FORGOT my winter gloves. It’s a while since I’ve ridden a bike without heated grips and I’d forgotten just how miserable it is riding with frozen fingers. By the time I reached Clacket Lane Services on the M25 my fingers were numb and hurting. The fuel light came on at Leatherhead so I went down the A24 (towards Box Hill) and stopped at the petrol station there. My fingers were so cold that I couldn’t get my credit card out!

So Monday I drove around the entire length of the M25, home (Wokingham) to work (St Albans), work to Greenwich and Greenwich back to home.

The concert? I’d forgotten just how much egotistical, political, self-centred crap that Waters put out in the 80’s. The second half was brilliant (DSOTM + encores) and probably worth the ticket price on its own.

2 thoughts on “Roger Waters, the M25 and Riding with Cold Fingers.

  1. Rig

    Steve, from what I’ve heard it’s not unusual for you to have problems getting your credit card out even if your are warm, is that the same excuse you use in the pub when it’s your turn to get the round in?

  2. Aaron Wakling

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