Honda CB175 K6

I have written a lot about modern bikes recently, so let’s go back to the 70’s.

The Honda CB175 was my “step up” from the CB125S that I learned to ride on (and passed my test on (in 1974…). As a twin with twin carbs, it was the sporty side of Honda that was a reflection of the cooking CD175 commuter.

The CB175 had a 360° engine, meaning that the two pistons went up and down together and had a very smooth firing order. Given a decent exhaust, the engine “roared”! [The later CB250 had a 180° twin with the pistons in opposition. This gave better primary balance but an offset firing sequence which gave those models their off-beat exhaust sound.]

This one is a K6 and has been in the family for the last 5 years. I’ve just sold it to a guy from the Honda Owners Club who wants to do a proper resto on it.

This is really just an excuse to post these pictures…

This was my K4 in 1976. I did many miles on this bike. It had Dunstall Decibel silencers (there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!)

Here’s the K6

9 thoughts on “Honda CB175 K6

  1. admin Post author

    I think that eBay is probably your best bet. If you Google “Dunstall exhausts” you will find a few places that still make/sell them.

    Mine were the “Universal” size (ie not made specifically for the CB175) – i had to saw off the old silencer and attach the replacement (with a jubilee clip). Those were the days!

  2. craig

    Hmm? Dunstalls! I have recently purchsed a sorry looking although completely oridinal CB175 K6, does anyone have a set of dunstall exhausts? mine are 50% shot. ie left baffle has parted company with the silencer and fallen inside.

  3. admin Post author

    Glad you like it Greg.
    If you have a picture of you on the bike, let me have a copy and I’ll post it on here (to complete the set!)


  4. Greg

    I found this blog when looking for photos. The bike is doing really well. I have now sorted all the chrome work so it gleams when the sun hits it. Some parts needed rechroming but much of it came up with lots and lots of autosol and tlc. I have recently sorted it out for MOT and it will be back on the road within a week or so (as soon as I sort out the road tax). I am then going to do the remainder as a running restoration. It was marvelous to ride it to the MOT station, even if it did highlight a fuel starvation issue (fuel filter was partially blocked). I had forgotten the pleasure of seeing my elbows in the rear-view mirrors. No cars, just elbows!
    I agree with other comments, the sound is just wonderful!

  5. Nick

    Mine was bought in November 1972. It was the luscious cherry red colour. What a great bike… I commuted, toured…did everything on that bike, including passing my test in the pouring rain. KUR80L where are you now?!!

  6. Peter L Down

    I have one of these in blue and it is “fantastic” – better than you remember them and great fun, and you are right about the exhaust note, try it with straight through reverse cone meggers “sweet”. I am now getting the 125 version. can’t wait

  7. admin Post author

    With the 360 degree engine, they could be heard from the next village away. Looking back on it – quite antisocial!

  8. Mike

    Blimey! Brings back memories. Exactly the same make, model and colour in ’74, and the obligatory Dunstalls :o)

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