Fitting a Givi Box to a Triumph Rack

When I bought my Tiger 1050 it was fitted with full Triumph luggage:

Triumph Tiger 1050This is all well and good – and jolly nice it looks too. But I cannot fit laptop backpack in the box (or the panniers). They are all too tall and thin.

Time to dig out the 5-year-old Givi E360 that has served me so well over the past few years and one or two Sprints.

Firstly, removing the Triumph luggage is a doddle. Removing the fancy sliding-carriage base plate was a bit more difficult as it had been done up so tight that it didn’t slide at all (maybe the previous owner is trying to tell me something here…) Eventually, you end up with the basic Triumph rack:

Triumph Tiger 1050 Standard RackLuckily, Givi make a really clever multi-adaptor plate (E250) with a mesh of holes to fit most base racks.

Givi Adaptor Plate E250 Detail…except Tigers.

Even with that amount of adjustability, I still had to drill a couple of 6mm holes in the metal rack to line up with the adaptor plate holes.

Givi Adaptor Plate E250 on Tiger 1050A nice little cover/filler:

Givi Adaptor Plate E250 fitted to Tiger 1050Tiger 1050 with Givi E360 fittedJob Done.

Time: about 15 minutes.

Cost: £38

Now I can start using my backpack again.

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