Dreamweaver: A Leap of Faith…

As the number of sites that I manage (and host) has grown, I have become increasingly frustrated with Microsoft FrontPage. Although I started off (a few years back) using FrontPage Extensions to do some clever* stuff, I find myself increasingly editing the HTML directly nowadays and using ftp via my desktop to upload files.
* well, I thought it was clever at the time…

Recently, I have been looking after www.YouTuba.org which is my son Chris’ tuba quartet’s site. He puts this together on his MacBook and as far as FrontPage is concerned, might as well not exist. He has struggled with the Mac’s built-in application as well.

Now we both have Dreamweaver – me for the PC and him for the Mac, which should make joint management and updates a lot simpler.

I have started to convert www.PhilRead.org (including a new eCommerce platform) and will move on to my other sites:


www.classicbikegallery.co.uk (includes old eCommerce platform)


www.YouTuba.org (includes old eCommerce platform)

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